UAE Malayalee businessman invited to Loka Kerala Sabha

UAE Malayalee businessman invited to Loka Kerala Sabha

AN enterprising Malayalee businessman from the UAE has been invited to attend the 4th Loka Kerala Sabha being hosted by the Kerala Government in Thiruvananthapuram from June 13-15.

Besides business ventures in Dubai and Thodupuzha in Kerala, T N Krishnakumar, World Malayalee Council Business President, is the MD of The Serenity Resort, Wayanad.

Loka Kerala Sabha is an event hosted by the Government of Kerala to bring the Malayalee diaspora living around the globe under one platform. It is being hosted under the Department of Non-Resident Keralites (Norka) aimed at utilizing the expertise of NRKs for developing Kerala state.

Kerala's people and its culture have travelled beyond borders and to every corner of the world, fostering their assimilation and integration with the rest of the world. 

This movement of people and with them our culture has created myriad ‘Keralas’ of vibrant and distinct characters outside the geographical boundaries of the state. 

It is imperative to constitute a democratic space so that cultural, socio-political and economic cooperation between home and outer ‘Keralas’ is facilitated, and channelled into the creation of a Global Kerala Synergy. 

The Government of Kerala has decided to constitute Loka Kerala Sabha (LKS) as a common platform for Keralites living across the globe. It is also envisaged as a platform for the cultural, socio-political and economic integration of these myriad ‘Keralas’ with the home Kera