Canada's part-time job race: Hundreds of Indian students queue up at Tim Hortons

The line outside Tim Hortons highlights the immense competition among international students in Canada for a part-time job.

Canada's part-time job race: Hundreds of Indian students queue up at Tim Hortons

AS hundreds of Indian students scrimmage to find a part-time job in Canada to make ends meet in the foreign country, a video which is going viral on social media shows a long queue of job seekers outside a Tim Hortons outlet in Toronto.

The line outside the popular coffee and fast-food joint chain highlighted the immense competition among international students in the country for a part-time job.

An Instagram user and Indian student in Canada, Nishat, who was looking for a job, shared a video on the social media platform showing the rush outside the outlet. The Indian student shared that although he reached the job fair 30 minutes before the time, a lot of students were already queued up.

"More than 100 students had already shown up for the job fair. Looking at the long line, even the white people nearby were shocked thinking what the hell is happening here," Nishat said.

Sharing the video, Nishat said, ''Job Fair at Tim Hortons Aur Struggle Abhi Baaqi Hai Mere Dost.''

In the video, the Indian student shared that The Tim Hortons staff gathered their resumes, inquired about their availability, and then sent them away, assuring them that they would be called for an interview.

He then travelled to a different part of the city to apply for a job at another store. "I don't know if I will find a job at either store. So, this was my day full of struggle." He also said that the other job he is applying for is too far from his place.

The video highlights the job crisis and rising unemployment in Canada. In the comment section, several Indian students said they were also searching for jobs in Canada but have had no luck whatsoever. Several netizens also wondered if the foreign students were not aware of the job crunch in the country.

"Modern slaves from India?" a user said.

"U guys came here without knowing this ground reality?" another commented.

Another added: "Maturity is when you understand that they will never call you for an interview."

"No jobs yet TruDumb keeps letting more people in!" a user said.

"If there are too many, then job market will crash, good for employers but bad for employees, you will earn less than what you earn in Bihar. World functions with demand and supply," another user commented.

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