Indian Railways to launch new Vande Bharat trains this year

Indian Railways to launch new Vande Bharat trains this year

WITH the introduction of Vande Bharat, train journeys, as we know, have been completely revamped. They are modern, fast and straight out of the future. Given its roaring success, the Indian Railways is geared up to introduce many new trains this year, making it easier for you to embark on a journey. Here's what's next:

Vande Bharat Sleeper

For those who prefer travelling by train for long distances, Vande Bharat Sleeper will most definitely make your journey more comfortable. This self-propelled train is designed to achieve speeds of up to 160 mph, surpassing the capabilities of the Rajdhani Express.

The train boasts better acceleration and deceleration, ensuring jerk-free rides. This feature is particularly significant for passengers seeking a smooth and comfortable travel experience.

The Vande Bharat sleeper trains will be crucial in offering faster travel options, addressing the need for efficient connectivity between distant locations. Moreover, the train has ultra-modern features, including LCDs, CCTV cameras and a modular toilet with a vacuum evacuation system.

Vande Metro Train

For shorter distances, up to 300 km, the Vande Metro is set to redefine premium travel. Manufactured at ICF Chennai, this self-propelled train is designed for air-conditioned travel at up to 130 mph speeds. Each coach accommodates 100 passengers seated, with an additional capacity for 200 standing passengers.

The Vande Metro trains have various modern amenities to ensure a comfortable journey. Features such as CCTV cameras, LCDs with a Passenger Information System (PIS), aerodynamically designed driving ends, sealed gangways, and lightweight cushioned seats contribute to a contemporary and efficient travel experience.

Amrit Bharat Express Trains

The Amrit Bharat Express trains are positioned as a response to the needs of the common man. These push-pull trains, with locomotives at each end, currently offer second-class sleeper and general-class unreserved coaches. The emphasis is on providing comforts akin to the Vande Bharat Express, including sealed gangways, jerk-free rides, better toilets, and cushioned seats.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently flagged off two Amrit Bharat Express trains, one between Darbhanga and Delhi via Ayodhya and the other between Bengaluru and Manda town. These trains mark a significant step towards enhancing connectivity between different regions.

In the upcoming financial year, Indian Railways aims to manufacture more Amrit Bharat trains, and there are expectations of introducing air-conditioned coaches.

AC Chair Car Premium Vande Bharat Express

Indian Railways is set to roll out AC chair car Vande Bharat Express trains. One of the noteworthy routes for these premium trains is the soon-to-be-ready USBRL link in Jammu and Kashmir.

This rail link is poised to connect Kashmir to the rest of India, significantly boosting connectivity in the region. The AC chair car Vande Bharat Express trains are anticipated to play a crucial role in connecting different parts of the country with efficient and modern rail services.