Beta generation in 2025

Beta generation in 2025

A NEW generation named Beta blossoms in 2025. The current generation is Alpha born from 2010 -2024, which means 0 to 14 years old. Each generation is 15 years span; everyone belongs to a generation that is 15 years long. Let us go back a few years and see which generation we belong to.

1946-1964    Baby boomers         Age 78-60
1965-1979    Generation X           Age 59-45
1980-1994    Generation Y           Age 44-30
1995-2009    Generation Z(C)      Age 29-15
2010-2024    Alpha Generation    Age 14 -0
2025-2039    Beta Generation      Not born

These generation classifications are based in the USA, extrapolating to the world. There may be some controversy over these years based on different sources, especially Baby Boomers, who many say were born between 1946 and 1964. 

This is the period when there was a big rise in the birth rate, especially in the USA after the Second World War. About 76 million baby boomers were born and it is estimated that about 65 million are still alive. 

The next group is called millennials who were born between 1981 and 1996, between X and Z generations and mostly belong to the Y generation, now 30 to 44 years old. Z generation is now 15 to 29 years old, Alpha generation is 0 to 14 years old and Beta is yet to be born.

What are the characteristics of each of these generations? Baby boomers have been influencing politics and have been elected leaders for the last 45 years and now they are getting old. Baby boomers belong to the great generation that created the modern world of industrialization, elimination of colonization and a modern world.

The millennials born between 1981 and 1996 are the most racially and ethnically diverse adult generation, 43 to 28 years old. There are more mixed marriages among them and also divorces. Most IT personnel among this group even though the X generation are the pioneers in this profession.

The millennials are the generation that started applying technology in their day-to-day life, online banking, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and WhatsApp groups, etc., etc. Generation Alpha, the first generation of the 21st century is the third millennial. Alpha is the first letter of the Greek Alphabet. Members of the Alpha generation are usually the children of Generation Z. 

The children of the Alpha generation are born in an electronic/technology era, with Pad, cell phones and other streaming devices. They do not know a civilization without computers and technology. Changes in the use of technology in classrooms and other aspects of life had a significant effect on how this generation has experienced early learning compared to previous generations.

Generation Z before the Alpha is the digital integrator. They integrated technology into their lives. Generation Y before Z is the real technology developers of Apps and other modern applications and they are the transition generation from a non-technology generation. Generation X is the inventors of modern technology and introduced it to the modern technology world.

The social media advancements created the newer generations Y, Z and Alpha into an extremely connected group through Facebook and Instagram. The network is 24 hours 7 days a week. The older generation also enjoys social media and WhatsApp to be connected. 

YouTube is another media that is heavily watched, it is estimated that 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day while Google has only 3.5 million searches a day. While generations X, Y and Z represent the technology development generations, the Alpha generation does not want to return to the old, they want something new.

The parents and grandparents of the Alpha generation are experiencing the differences the Alpha generation has with the Y and Z generations.  

As a baby boomer, who grew up in the pre-technology era, everything was a different experience for me, the X, Y and Z generations and Alpha generation - the product of X, Y and Z, who developed and created all these technologies.  We still do not know what this Alpha generation is going to be when they become adults and parents and how they deal with the Beta generation.

The Beta generation is going to be the children of the online generation, they are going to face an era of Artificial Intelligence unable to differentiate between truth and fake. The alpha generation is going to grow up facing these new developments and pass on the good and bad to the Beta generation, who may be confused with many things including the existence of humans. We already know that the Alpha generation is in no way connected to the X, Y and Z. Beta will live in a different world of technology and its applications.

All these new technological and scientific developments applicable to everyday human life are creating whole new lifestyles and systems. The governments, leaders and rulers shall continue their ways of serving the people. They may have much-advanced technology to do their job, but the democratic process and other ways of government do not change much. Human behavior does not change and human suffering shall continue.

Baby boomers, the traditional people who lead a much different life, started disappearing from the world and next year, the Beta generation shall blossom. 
After 80 years a new world will evolve, where people depend on cell phones and applications for everything they do. But, when we talk about these classifications of generations and their lifestyles, there are millions of people in all parts of the world living in poverty for generations, not part of these advances in technology and able to lead a normal life. 

One in five children lives in poverty and this generation classification does not mean anything to them. Life continues the same for them in a different World, with no X, Y, Z, Alpha or Beta.