The most perfect treatment, the most primitive treatment

The most perfect treatment, the most primitive treatment







THIS is not my opinion. This is the opinion of the most renowned surgeon. What he meant is that the treatment which is interwoven into nature is the most perfect one.

I am describing an incident that made me realise that this expert opinion is true. This happened many years ago. There was a swelling below my elbow. It began to trouble me as it ripened. It pained badly. This was not all. Whenever my hand struck against anything it was this swelling that got hurt. At last, a stage came when I could not tolerate it anymore.

 I consulted a doctor-friend for the treatment. 

"As I am a busy person I want a cure as quickly as possible." I requested him in a friendly tone.

"This has to be operated on and removed," the doctor said.

"Then do it," I said. 

"This is possible in two ways. It can be removed painlessly by giving anaesthesia. The injury will be healed in 3 days. Otherwise, it can be removed without anaesthesia. The problem will be over in an hour. But for half an hour you will have to bear severe pain. Which one do you prefer?" The doctor enquired. 

"I want to get well soon. I shall bear the pain. Let me explain one more thing. When the pain becomes unbearable I will change my opinion. You should not listen to it. You should complete your job quickly, even by force," I said firmly.

It was decided like that. The doctor sent away the nurse standing near. A sturdy attendant was called and asked to stand near me.

 "Don't allow him to move his hand." The doctor instructed him. The experienced attendant gave his consent and caught my hand tightly. 

The doctor cleaned the swelling with a swab dipped in spirit. I felt a sensation like a mild shiver. The doctor quickly gave an incision with a scalpel to the swelling. There was some pain to which I didn't react. I did not move my hand. Then he pressed out the puss from the swelling. I moved briefly because of the pain.

Then the doctor started scratching the wound with an implement. Fireflies began to get away from my eyes. My whole body started shivering because of the unbearable pain. I attempted to get free and run away. The attendant who has seen many such incidents suppressed my attempts with his iron fists.

"Please don't do that. Do it after giving anaesthesia." I started to request in deep agony.

"It is over." Saying this, the doctor uprooted a bunch of growth from the injury. I was almost on the brink of unconsciousness. The doctor again scratched inside the injury and cleaned it with cotton dipped in iodine. In addition to the pain, it caused unbearable burning also.

The attendant released his hold. The pain was over in a few minutes.

"Are you not bandaging the injury," I asked. 

"Not needed. By morning, the injury will be healed," the doctor said.

It transpired as the doctor had said. 

When I met the doctor the next day he said, "What we think to be the most primitive one is the most effective treatment."

I have realised from my own experience that it is a true statement.

But I haven't been able to muster enough courage to undergo such a natural and most effective treatment any time thereafter.


(Translation of Dr Jacob Samson's Malayalam article "ettevum mikacha chikilsa ettavum prakrithavum" by Eapen Chacko)