My college life was spoiled by the conservatives

My college life was spoiled by the conservatives







THE first bell was for girls. After the girls left the college gate, the second bell rang when the boys were allowed to go. This was how I completed my college education.

That was then. 

Today as a teacher when I crossed the gate of the same college, I saw a majestic tree of love. One boy was lying with his head on the lap of a girl. They did not give attention to anyone. As I neared them I heard the boy telling the girl, "It is time to start the class. It will be wise to get up now. Some guy will get ready to marry you. But if I don't study and get a job, will anybody accept me?"

"My life is also till then only." I heard her saying in reply.

As I walked on, a boy came running. One girl looked back. "You have also left her? She is gone?" someone asked. All who heard this had a hearty laugh. The conversation that followed confirmed that the girl didn't leave him.

I felt so disappointed when I recalled my student life. The student life which could have been spent merrily has been spoiled by the conservatives.

I pity myself that I couldn't be born in this era.

(Translation of Dr Jacob Samson's Malayalam article Kalaalaya jeevitham By Eapen Chacko)